University of Georgia Electronic Check Request System Accounts Payable email / 706-542-2786 (phone) / 706-542-6925 (fax)
Important information
The eCheck/eTravel system was retired
on June 30, 2018.

To process a request for payment, travel authority, or travel expense statement after July 1, 2018, use the new UGA Financial Management System.
For more information, consult your unit's
Project Coordinator or the Quick Start for Travel

The eCheck/eTravel system will be available for historical review only through June 2019.
Who can use this system?
   If you have a MyID, and your department has implemented use of this system then you may use this system to enter check requests for the purposes listed to the left.

   Additionally, if you are authorized to approve check requests for your department/unit then you may use this system to review and approve electronically initiated requests.

System Status
Database Server: Available
System Access: Unrestricted
version: 3.1.1A